Crossbow Potato

by: , 22nd of Oct, 2015

Holy heck! I uploaded my game, Crossbow Potato, to yesterday. Came home today and somebody had chosen to pay for it, even though it’s free! To that person: thank you very much! It’s the first game I earned on. The feeling is overwhelming, and I’m really happy and fuzzy on the inside.

If you wanna check it out, here’s the page:


Cheers! =)

Spicy, spacy, acid things

by: , 6th of Sep, 2015

Been chillin’ to some Pink Floyd tonight. That really made me in the mood for some drawing, so I opened photoshop and messed around with some colours. I went with a brown-ish background and light green and blue/turquoise contrast to that.
This is of course only the beginning, but there something about it I like, so I’ll continue to evolve it. I don’t think there is gonna be dark shades as highlights as I usually do. I’m also not gonna scale it up to make it pixely as I normally do. Instead I just keep it 1:1 , but I will probably still keep the crisp lines with no anti-aliasing, because I can’t change that much at once :D

Acid Mockup
Acid GuyPoolAcid Shroom

This is yet another sideproject and I have no plan with it yet, except for making it into a game of some sort. I’ll just make a world with objects in and make it look nice. Maybe I’ll even try to implement shaders. If I’m still kinda exited for it then I might make some music myself for it or maybe collaborate with someone with sound, for the first time. Again not really any plan and many possibilities. It’s only on a sketch level, but I like where it’s going..

Songbringer daily streams

by: , 10th of May, 2015

So lately I’ve been watching Nathanael Weiss from Wizard Fu streaming his development of Songbringer (his newest game). It’s so amazing and inspiring to watch him add new features, do art and talk to the chat at the same time. It’s down to the core of development. It doesn’t go very quickly and thats what i like so much. He explains everything in the proces at a normal speed. I highly recommend watching his streams/videos if you ever want to get inspired.

In one of his latest streams, he made a poster for Songbringer, that looked really awesome. It got me so inspired that I booted up Photoshop and began making art. I learned so much from making just this one picture. I really hope you like it.



Games Page!

by: , 31st of Mar, 2015

Doesn’t actually¬†sound that exiting..

yo, got the domain.

by: , 7th of Jan, 2015

Got the domain. Got the hosting. Now what? EXPERIMENTS INCOMIIING!

Yup, I’m gonna test all the things i can do with this.. Probably gonna be funny :D

sexe boi

by: , 11th of Sep, 2001