Been chillin’ to some Pink Floyd tonight. That really made me in the mood for some drawing, so I opened photoshop and messed around with some colours. I went with a brown-ish background and light green and blue/turquoise contrast to that.
This is of course only the beginning, but there something about it I like, so I’ll continue to evolve it. I don’t think there is gonna be dark shades as highlights as I usually do. I’m also not gonna scale it up to make it pixely as I normally do. Instead I just keep it 1:1 , but I will probably still keep the crisp lines with no anti-aliasing, because I can’t change that much at once :D

Acid Mockup
Acid GuyPoolAcid Shroom

This is yet another sideproject and I have no plan with it yet, except for making it into a game of some sort. I’ll just make a world with objects in and make it look nice. Maybe I’ll even try to implement shaders. If I’m still kinda exited for it then I might make some music myself for it or maybe collaborate with someone with sound, for the first time. Again not really any plan and many possibilities. It’s only on a sketch level, but I like where it’s going..